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Dr. Susan Leavy

Insight Centre for Data Analytics, UCD
Research Fellow
Talk: Artificial Intelligence and Gender

Talk description:
There is an increasing awareness that Artificial Intelligence presents a threat to decades of advances in gender equality in society. Gender bias has been uncovered in AI systems promoting job advertisements, facial recognition systems and neural word embedding models used in web search and recommender systems. Machine learning algorithms reflect the kinds of bias inherent in training data and there are attempts to prevent this through testing of learned associations, introduction of concepts of fairness to machine learning algorithms and analysis of training data. However preventing the learning of gender bias can be particularly problematic when algorithms are trained on language based training data. There is a wealth of research in the areas of gender theory, feminist linguistics and sociolinguistics that deconstructs how gender ideology is embedded in language and the way it is used in society. Integrating this work with AI is key to understanding how gender bias is learned and how it may be removed from training corpora. This talk examines how bridging AI and research in gender and language can provide a framework for gender proofing AI, enabling the systematic detection and prevention of algorithmic gender bias.

Dr. Susan Leavy is a research fellow with Insight Centre for Data Analytics and the School of English, Drama and Film. Her work examines addresses gender bias in machine learning applications and she also works in digital humanities using artificial intelligence and text analysis to explore large collections of historical texts. She earned a PhD in Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin, where her work concerned detection of gender bias in the media using machine learning techniques. Prior to her current academic career, Susan worked in investment banking designing and managing the development and deployment of global trading systems. She holds an MSc in Artificial Intelligence from Edinburgh University, an MPhil in Gender and Women's studies from Trinity College Dublin and a BA in Philosophy and English Literature.

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Tuesday, October 1

12:25pm IST