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Peter Elger

Talk: The Fast Track to AI with Serverless

Talk Description: Until recently, adopting the latest in AI capability in your application was out of the reach of your average development team. The past two years have seen a massive growth in the number of cloud-hosted managed AI services from all the major providers. With a basic understanding of the underlying technology, it is now possible to add machine learning features to your platform without a research team and a multi-year project. This talk gives an accessible walk-through of what can be achieved with managed services for image, audio and video recognition, natural language processing, entity recognition and conversational interfaces all built on pre-trained models. This talk builds on the content and examples we developed for my book, AI as a Service available from Manning Publications.

Biography: Peter Elger the founder and CEO of fourTheorem. Formerly a physicist working at the JET project, Peter was previously co-founder and CTO of Stitcher Ads a social advertising platform and nearForm a node.js consultancy. Peter holds degrees in theoretical physics and computer science. Peter the co-author of the Node Cookbook and several academic papers on software methodology. Peter’s latest book ‘AI as a Service’ is available from Manning Publications.

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Tuesday, October 1

11:45am IST