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Dr. Giacomo Bernardi

Extreme Networks
Director of AI
Talk title: What do machines say when nobody’s looking? Tracking IoT security with Natural Language Processing

Talk description: 
Securing large IoT deployments is a herculean task, especially when dealing with heterogeneous and legacy devices installed at multiple and remote locations.

In this talk I will tell the story of how research in Natural Language Processing inspired us to build a platform that models the individual behavior of millions of IoT endpoints and alert when something looks fishy.

Our approach is “zero-footprint” as we progressively learn based on network flow-data alone, on commodity hardware, and without requiring any “big data” backend. In this talk, I will briefly introduce our research in Ireland, describe the algorithm, give a short demo, and share our experience with privacy-preserving ML and cloud-based hyperparameter tuning.

Dr. Bernardi is Director of Research at Extreme Networks, and has been on ML since before it was cool. Previously, he was CTO of a Telco where he developed a custom hardware/software SDN stack GPU-based traffic engineering which still powers a country-wide network. Before that, he got his PhD from the University of Edinburgh and built a community ISP in the remotest corner of the Scottish Highlands.