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Perikles Rammos

Talk: Analysing and Predicting Human Behavior with Extended Reality (XR)
Perikles will give his talk along with Navdeep A. Sharma.

Talk description: 
XR (Extended Reality) is becoming an integral part of Industry 4.0. It offers a safe and affordable training environment through VR (Virtual Reality), and guidance and assistance of a field worker through AR (Augmented Reality). In addition to these standard functions, large volumes of data can be collected and analysed, providing important insights pertaining to both the process itself, and the trainee/operator’s behaviour and performance. Furthermore, the data collected can be used to train a machine learning model, to predict the upcoming behaviour of a user, and guidance can be provided to prevent an injury or a human error.

This makes XR supported industrial processes much more effective and leading towards zero-defect productions. Such level of effectiveness and quality assurance are not feasible with current technologies without using XR features.

With the ever-growing adoption of XR in industry, predicting a user’s action can become crucial in preventing mistakes, in both manufacturing and operation.

In this session, we will describe XR Insights, our platform created to collect data, train a model, and predict user’s behaviour in real-time.

I am a Senior Data scientist, with 10 years in the area, from Telecoms Intelligence in Ericsson to Self-Driving Cars in Valeo, to state-of-the art Algorithms and technologies in Accenture. I take great pleasure in inventing, learning, and applying new technologies, as well as guiding a team in the same endeavours.